COMPT is an affinity committee of the Mountain Plains Museums Association and a standing professional committee of the American Association of Museums.

Mission: To advance the career learning experiences of museum professionals and pre-professionals, educators and trainers, to address the continuous need to develop and enhance professional knowledge and goals,
and to engage with new trends, innovations and best practices across the field.

Career Development and Networking Opportunities:
*Provides a forum for debating concepts and practices emerging as key issues in the field

*Shares expertise across regions and professional areas and provides access to research in the field

*Sponsors sessions at the AAM annual meeting relating to mission

*Advocates for the role and interests of museum professional training in AAM national and international initiatives

COMPT sponsors MPMA annual meeting sessions, including an annual session that offers museum studies/public history students a forum for the presentation of papers. COMPT also organizes, in cooperation with the
Association of College and University Museum and Galleries, an annual member luncheon and roundtable discussion.

For further information contact the MPMA COMPT Representative

Carolyn Garrett Pool
Department of History and Geography
University of Central Oklahoma
100 N . University
Edmond, OK 73034