MPMA is committed to getting all 10 of its states to pass a resolution celebrating 2006 as the Year of the Museum.  MPMA's Board of Directors recently adopted a resolution supporting AAM's resolution: 2006: Year of the Museum. AAM's goal is to get legislatures in all 50 states to adopt a similar resolution. This unity is intended to demonstrate to the U.S. Congress the power of museums throughout the country. Below is a letter from AAM telling museums about the process of working with one's state legislature.


1.  US House and Senate both passed a resolution declaring 2006 the Year of the Museum.

2.  Eight out of the ten states in the MPMA region have signed resolutions or proclamations.

Here is a letter from Ed Able, President/CEO of AAM, congratulating Ed Pauley, MPMA YOM Coordinator and President/CEO of the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, ND, on progress made in the MPMA region this past April:

Ed - et al -- Well- you guys have really out-shone the other regions.  Your work has produced nothing short of a SPECTACULAR results.  The stature of the region has gone up 10-fold and all I heard in Boston were compliments and amazement at what you have accomplished with the YOM.   My heartiest congrats to all and my thanks for all you do to support AAM and the field  

Best   Ed  --

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From: Ed Pauley []
Sent: Monday, April 24, 2006 3:53 PM
To: Edward Able
Subject: Year of the Museum Update

Dear Ed, 

Greetings from North Dakota and the Plains Art Museum!


As you know, the Mountain-Plains Museum Association has been working tirelessly in hopes of having “The Year of the Museum” officially declared in all ten of the Mountain-Plains States. In that regard, I have a progress report.


To date (April 24, 2006), eight of the ten states have official resolutions including: Wyoming, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Montana and Colorado. Kansas and Texas have resolutions pending.


In addition, local “The Year of the Museum” resolutions were declared in the Fargo-Moorhead metro area (4 mayors representing Fargo, ND, West Fargo, ND, Moorhead, MN and Dilworth, MN signed a joint resolution) and Denver, Colorado – host city for AAM’s 2008 conference.


See you in Boston!

Ed Pauley

Status of Resolutions Passed in MPMA's region

State:  Eight States so far.....


North Dakota


South Dakota


New Mexico



Two more to go....

Pending:  Kansas and Texas


Fargo-Moorehead metro area

Denver - AAM's 2008 Host City

Brookings, SD

  Ag Heritage Museum, SDSU President Peggy Miller and the Mayor of Bookings read two  

  proclamations, one from Governor Rounds for the state and one for the city of Brookings.  


Fargo-Moorehead metro area museums

Historical Museum at Fort Missoula, MT

North Dakota State Department of Tourism

Oklahoma Museum Association's 2006 Conference theme is Year of the Museum

Kansas Museum Association has the banner, Year of the Museum, on its website's front page

Here's how YOU can help:

Contact MPMA's Year of the Museum Coordinator:  Ed Pauley, President/CEO/ Plains Art Museum, Fargo, ND.  Contact Ed if you would like to get your city to adopt a resolution celebrating 2006 as the Year of the Museum.  Email him at or phone him at 701-232-3821.

Museums are also encouraged to create programs in the name of the Year of the Museum.  Some museums are doing this throughout the year. Contact Ed Pauley for more details.

For banners, logos and ideas on what to do, Click here: AAM: How to Participate in the Year of the Museum

AAM Letter and Instructions

Get your city or town to pass a resolution or make a proclamation:


The US House and Senate have recognized 2006 as the Year of the Museum. The resolution was crafted to be inclusive of museums of all locations, disciplines and sizes and can now serve as a template for development of local, state or regional resolutions.


NOW IT IS YOUR TURN. Propose a Year of the Museum resolution in your city, county or town! Use AAM's sample resolution (available online) but tailor it to the tone and needs of your community and your elected officials. Work in personal stories about the work of museums in your areas to compliment the broader statements made in AAM's sample resolution. Feel free to adapt and alter language as you see fit and attach your logo to your draft. To get the process started, identify "champions" in your local council or commission who are open to reviewing and sponsoring the resolution. These will be politicians who your members have good relationships with and/or who have shown support of museums and cultural institutions in the community in the past. The initial ask of these politicians and their staff members should be to review the resolution and the concept; once they respond to the idea favorably they should be given the "opportunity" to sponsor it. 


Links to sample materials can be found at: involved/advocate/index.cfm

Contact MPMA at or AAM's Ember Farber for assistance.